Erica Opromollo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 13 years of experience providing therapeutic treatment to at risk youth and families in the private, non- profit sector. Erica began her career as an in-home multi-dimensional family therapist and was recognized on a state-wide level for her calming engagement style and strength based clinical approach. For the past six years, Erica has been a Program Director of a community based program providing services to youth in the juvenile justice system and most recently is overseeing a DCF therapeutic group home for youth with acute mental health needs. Erica has continued to do private practice work in her spare time to fulfill her passion of working with her population of interest (at-risk youth, children and their families) in a therapeutic setting.

Erica specializes in the assessment and treatment of PTSD and traumatic stress (primarily with victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse), Conduct Disorder, ADHD,Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Mood Disorders; Borderline Intellectual Functioning, substance abuse and Adjustment Disorders due to changes in life situations. Erica is specifically interested in assessing the common misdiagnosis of the above disorders due to clients experiencing trauma symptoms. Erica is trained in multiple evidenced based modalities and uses an eclectic approach to treatment.

Erica’s therapeutic mission is in using a strength’s based approach to helping clients and families view behaviors as adaptations and use their relationships and supports to motivate change. Erica focuses on teaching stress management, coping skills training, communication skills, and general life skills training in her sessions. Erica enjoys using a holistic approach to treatment and incorporates mindfulness practice and relaxation training into sessions. Erica enjoys Yoga, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, the beach, and playing with her two cats. She recently co-facilitated a trauma informed yoga group. Namaste.

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