Paula DiPaola, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Paula DiPaola is passionate about helping children, teens and families. As we all know, the early years are a critical stage of development. Introducing skills to help with self expression, communication and problem solving at an early age can have life-long rewards. Paula has almost a decade of experience working with children, teens and families who have experienced trauma, family problems, school problems, sadness, anger, stress and worry, low self-esteem, adjustment issues and grief, just to name a few. Life happens and there are times when we all could use some support.

In a relaxed, non-judgemental safe zone, Paula works to establish a therapeutic relationship with her clients. She sees it to be her role to help the child, teen, and/or parents, make sense of their thoughts and feelings and introduce lifelong skills to help with expressing those thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

Paula works towards helping both the child and the family to improve communication, cope during challenging times, recognize appropriate boundaries and problem-solve to find tools and support needed to live better lives.