Renea Tirrell, LADC

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Renea Tirrell is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with over 10 years of experience in substance abuse and addiction treatment. In the various settings she has worked she developed a great understanding that drug and alcohol use is at times a symptom. Because Renea is committed to addressing the underlying issues associated with addiction, she is especially trained to treat trauma, anxiety and depression.

Along with treating the individual, Renea helped numerous families cope with the devastating effects of addiction, and aided them as their loved ones navigate the often complicated process of treatment and recovery.

She is dedicated to helping individuals and families develop recovery plans that fit their lifestyle, and she understands that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to treatment options.

For more information about Renea or to schedule an appointment contact us at (203) 819-0789 or contact us here.
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