Joseph Jacovino, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Joseph Jacovino, LCSW

Joseph Jacovino is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a wide range of experiences working with all sorts of people, from individuals who are aging, adolescents, preteens and adults. He obtained his BA in Sociology from the University of Connecticut and his Masters in Social Work at Southern Connecticut State University. He currently specializes in working with individuals who have undergone psychological, physical, developmental and attachment-based traumas.

 He also has strong clinical experience and interest working with individuals with depression, mood “disorders”, anxiety related concerns, PTSD, complex trauma, substance abuse/dependency and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. He also has experience working with teenagers and pre-teens.

He utilizes a highly eclectic style of psychotherapy and often utilizes evidence-based models in conjunction with a firm focus on the individual and ultimately who they are. He feels people are much more than the “issues” they may bring into psychotherapy. They are a person, first and foremost.

In his free time, Joseph enjoys foraging wild plants/mushrooms, herbalism, live action roleplaying/acting, baking bread from scratch, exercising, reading and also writing.

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