Jacki Alessio, LCSW (she/they)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Site Lead, Torrington Office

Jacki Alessio, LCSW

Jacki is a new Tides of Mind clinician joining us from the fields of Integrated Health Care- that saw clients and professionals alike in the health care offices, nursing homes, and addiction treatment center settings during the pandemic. During her years of clinical, direct care, and community based social work she’s helped adolescent -elderly clients secure  emotional sobriety, loving relationships, vibrant social connection, and a spiritual grounding during  dire times. Her client experiences vast beyond the underserved and  marginalized communities through to the overlooked  top earners and community heroes where mental  & physical illness, familial dysfunction/abuse  and addictions don’t discriminate. Jacki’s eccentric approach to client centered therapy is for those clients eager to take on homework assignments, utilize available help and commit to healthy new risks & rewards. 

Jacki’s  enthusiasm shines through in session work with clients motivated to take action with healthy risks to improve their current circumstances and ensure safety within themselves, their households and their communities. Community members, clients and colleagues alike are presented with the same version of her.  In her quirky and fear way- Jacki is deeply dedicated to witnessing and supporting others along their own emotional, psychological, spiritual, social, financial and physical recovery journeys.

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