Innovative Services

At Tides of Mind Counseling, we believe in innovative, evidence-based treatment and delivering a thoughtful approach to care. One of the ways we do this is by using a practice called Measurement-based Care (MBC). With MBC, our clients take questionnaires before their first intake, and then between visits. 

Your provider gets a feedback report before each session detailing changes to your symptoms and progress on your treatment goals. Together, you and your provider use those results to tailor the your treatment, emphasizing what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

Research shows that MBC improves therapy outcomes. By helping clients contribute to their own therapeutic goals, it also increases treatment engagement and retention. MBC is a proven research-backed practice and our providers use this approach because they are committed to best practices for care.

Our platform for MBC is called Mirah – a personalized assessment tool. Clients can access Mirah’s web-based platform from anywhere at any time for assessments. Most importantly, patient privacy is central to all we do and Mirah conforms to the highest security standards as a HIPPA Compliant and Security Certified organization.

The Mirah platform also includes 65+ assessments in Spanish across various clinical dimensions.